Saturday, January 22, 2011

I've had my fill of the Israel-bashing

Enough is enough!

These days every half-witted political  penpusher in a sleazy second rate rag is blaming us freely for any mishap and misery occurring in the Middle East and sometimes, even in the whole world!
And the United Nations, is also joining the fun, whenever the occasion is ripe. The so-called   UN "Human Rights"  council having staged Durban II in 2009, with the agenda being to update all the wonderful progress it had made in eliminating racism, really culminated in this ludicrous  farce. Once more, the conference accused Israel of racism, for simply existing and singled out the Jewish state by name - making it the only country so targeted in that grotesque festival. Countries not named "Israel" could enslave minorities, sexually mutilate women and trample on human rights of every kind, without so much as raising an eyebrow by the United Nations. Sofar the US misguided policy, thwarting the UN's  "Israel Bashing" festival  was, at best ineffective, if not totally ignorant. It is therefore high time for  President Obama to lead a full-throated boycott on such deliberate UN actions ( after all Washington is carrying most of the UN payroll!) and make sure to all understand that no friend of Durban III can also be a friend of the USA.

We Israelis are not gun-toting offish brutes, nor brandishing knives in our jaws. We might have our share of Arab-haters, or criminals and,  as are present in most countries, corrupt officials and among these, count even prominent political leaders. But we are the only democracy in this region, where such criminals are brought to justice and even incarcerated, once found guilty by law.
Nevertheless, every time Palestinians are killed, the stereotyped left-wingers and  usual liberalist types,  immediately gather to cry out about 'Zionist oppression' and 'Israeli apartheid'. Yet, when Palestinian rockets fall on Israeli villages and children are murdered in mass suicide bombings, those same "well wishers' are always keeping strangely mum. It may be of interest, that Israel has an abundance of such homegrown liberals in store here. There are watchkeepers ready to pounce on soldiers and their commanders, whenever they suspect them to act out of order against Palestinians, wether guilty or not. There is a free press, virtually uncensored, despite Israel being under constant threat for the last sixty three years. No military, or police commander is immune from scrutiny by the ever inquisitive and prying media hunters, looking into every nook and cranny of Israel's behavior in the territories, or during military operations. Even the sacred intelligence agencies are coming under the public monitor, when slightest suspicion of misbehavior is presumed. Our enemies have benefited from this, to them apparent weakness, as a luctrative, totally freely-accessible intelligence source.
Although Israel is surrounded by millions of hostile Arabs, wishing to eliminate the Jewish State since its creation, we have unflinchingly remained a dedicated democracy, in splendid isolation, among this volatile and dangerous region.

We do not claim to be a perfect nation, far from it. But we can certainly match our skills and moralistic behavior with any other democracies, including those, who constantly encourage indiscriminate criticism of the Israel bashers.

To our enemies and their staunch allies, any intelligent explanation will  be futile and in vain. But I do hope that Israel has still many friends left in the world. To those friends, some of which could, by unfortunate misrepresentations of our own media,  be negatively influenced, I wish to try and portray Israel's present  situation in an unfettered and unbiased way. This is the goal of my forthcoming opinion blogs, the first of which you are now reading.

I shall welcome your comments, whatever they are and look forward to a stimulating dialogue sharing our views.

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  1. You're a bit late to THAT party. I mentioned something similar last year in one of the discussions after Iran pointed it's little ignorant finger towards Mossad again (for the umpteenth time).